Final Paper Topic Proposal

I want to write about Hegel and his consideration of poetry as the “universal art” despite poetry being culturally and historically contextualized. I would also like to specifically focus on Hegel’s view of Poetry as not just a literary art but an art of sound, distinct from prose as the musical ordering of words, he says it is not just meant to be written, but to be spoken. Poetry is unlike other forms of art such as architecture, sculpture and painting, because “its proper material is the imagination itself” (LFA 967). It is unrestricted in a way that a building might be by a need for raw materials or a painter for paint, the only limit is the imagination. How might Hegel view specific types of music that are highly lyrical, given his discussion of dramatic and lyrical poetry and what is the relationship between the two?


One thought on “Final Paper Topic Proposal

  1. You a lot of interesting ideas here! It sounds like you might have to narrow it down a bit though–the first sentence (about historicity) might be where to cut, and you could really pursue the contrasts between poetry and the plastic arts as well as its connections to music. I can give you some PDFs of things on Hegel on music, if you want.


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